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Our Story

Apostle Rhonda L. Evans and Pastor Joseph L. Evans organized Lion of Judah International Ministries on April 18, 1990. God has led them every step of the way. Without him nothing could have been done. But God is with us...Thank You Jesus!! It's not over...

Lion of Judah is established on strong biblical principles. We believe that there is one God, one faith and one baptism. We are one body with many members working together for the purpose of Kingdom building.

Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We believe in ministering to the whole man, from the inside out. We believe that God will meet His people their point of need. Lion of Judah is a house of prayer. God has given the church authority to operate in power. Whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loose in heaven. Matthew 18:18, 19

We believe that we must exercise our faith in God by speaking to the mountains in our life, believing that God will honor his Word. We stand steadfast on the promises of God, knowing that everything He has promised, He will fulfill.

This ministry is preparing leaders for the next move of God. Leaders, that are building people, through the transforming power of God's word. Leaders that are willing to work God's plan and not their own. We recognize that everyone proclaiming Jesus has not completely been delivered from the conformity of this world. The Bible speaks of those that will manipulate, tear down and be consumed by greed and self indulgence. We cannot be deceived we must know and recognize the Spirit of Truth.

Meet the Team

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Rhonda L. Evans

Apostle and Overseer


Mandy Shields, Joseph Evans, Jr., Aubry Hypolite, Loretta Riley, and Lisa Camper

Armor Bearers

Pastor's Aid

Lisa Camper, Judith Hypolite, Shelita Doughty, and Loretta Riley


Joseph L. Evans, Sr.


Church Administration

Lisa Camper, Tracy Criddle, Christina McDaniel, and Loretta Riley

Hospitality Committee

Beautification Committee

Voices of Judah

Voices of Judah, led my minister of music, Christy McDaniel


Herbert Doughty, Jr. , Aubrey Hypolite, Ronald Evans, Stevie Camper, In Training- Peter Riley and George Lloyd

Church Mothers

Barbara Nelson and Mae Walters